Evangelical Pastor talks about the Brutal Persecution

Yoel Demetrio National Coordinator of the Missionary Church of Cuba

The Regime Arrests Cuban Pastor Alain Toledano for Resuming Worship Services

Fundación de la Iglesia Misionera (Missionary Church Foundation)

Pastor Yoel Demetrio Resides in Las Tunas Province from Where He Leads the Missionary Church in Cuba

Mario Félix Lleonart Pastor of the Baptist Church of Waldorf

Founded the Instituto Patmos (Patmos Institute) in 2013 to Monitor and Defend Religious Freedom

Alain Toledano Pastor of the Church Sendas de Justicia (Roads of Justice).

The Cuban Council of Churches Joined the Cleaning Up of the Image of Díaz Canel after July 11.

Fundación de la Iglesia Misionera (Missionary Church Foundation).

The Cuban Apostolic Movement Consists of 9,000 members throughout the country).

Alain Toledano Pastor of the Church Sendas de Justicia (Roads of Justice).

Marian De La Fuente [presenter], “It took barely a couple of years for the Castro Revolution to dismantle religious institutions on the Island and silence the Church which was completely corralled on the Island.

Even though Cuban Catholics, as well as other Christians, were, at the beginning, active participants in the Revolution, the Communist regime established by Castro persecuted them, jailed them, silenced them, and sent them into exile and, in numerous instances, sentenced them to death by firing squad.

In the nineties, when the Soviet Union ceased to exist, Cuban society suffered a severe economic crisis which was referred to as the “special period” and which had repercussions in other aspects of social life, including the religious one. From that point forward, they were more flexible with Cubans’ ample and diverse religious universe and up to now, even three popes have visited the Communist Island.

Today’s reality for the religious in Cuba is quite different despite all. They are considered worms and counterrevolutionaries due to preaching the Word of God. Harassment on the part of the government takes various forms: leaders are harassed by State Security, and on many occasions, they even send scoundrels to throw rocks at churches and the congregation, showing contempt for freedom of religion.

Today. We have a visitor on El Espejo, (The Mirror) [ A TV program], a pastor from la Iglesia Misionera de Cuba (Cuban Missionary Church) who will update us on the current abuses to which they are subjected and to the difficulties the people encounter to express their faith. Coming up in a few moments here on El Espejo.

He has just arrived from Cuba. He is a direct witness of what is going on in Cuba and, unfortunately, he also has a history in which the atrocities, the bullying against him, his family and his temple have become more than evident. I am referring to Yoel Demetrio, National Coordinator of the Apostolic Movement which has over 9,000 members on the Island. Thank you very much for joining us today.”

Yoel Demetrio, “Thank you. Thank you so much to you and all the viewers watching now.”

Marian, “Obviously, Cuba does not respect anything having to do with human rights, much less with freedom of worship, etc. etc. But you, particularly the Evangelical church have undergone an almost continuous persecution, from what I have read, since 2010-2012. They have taken you out of your church; they sent scoundrels to throw rocks at it; when you sought refuge at your mother- in- law’s house it was attacked because you were using it; they loaned you a house, and it was taken from you; you opened a dining hall, and they took it, also. Tell us what is happening.”

Demetrio, “It has been exceedingly difficult, our story and that of many believers in Cuba. It is no secret, that since 1959, when the Revolution triumphed, they kicked Catholic priests out of Cuba, Evangelicals, and Jews because they [ referring to regime] tried to establish a religion because the world perhaps does not know that understand that Communism is a religion that has wanted to govern based on its principles, and they have removed God from the Island of Cuba.”

Marian, “The Evangelical movement is not, in any case, a religion that has been accepted by the Cuban government.”

Demetrio, “From 1959 to the present, the Cuban government has not facilitated any law regarding worship, assembly or rights for believers, and especially for the evangelicals.”

Marian, “And the persecution is not only towards you. Just moments ago, we received information that another pastor, Alain Toledano, had been arrested by the regime for resuming religious services. And we have been able to establish communication with him. He is on the Island. And let’s hope they will not cut this signal. Let’s take advantage of this, ask him how he is doing and what exactly has happened. Pastor Toledano, would you please comment”?

Pastor Alain Toledano, “Good afternoon. Thanks to all, thank you for having me on your program.”

Marian, “It’s a pleasure. What has happened? Were you detained today? Were charges filed against you? Comment a bit, please.”

Pastor Toledano, “The 17th, excuse me the 11th of August, the Ministry of Justice made a pronouncement that the churches and chapels could open and resume their activities. All pastors started to pass along the information to others. We received the information, and many churches decided to resume activities since August 17th. Other churches decided not to resume due to the situation of the pandemic in Cuba. However, the majority did resume their activities. We have more than 1,200 individuals in the neighborhood. We decided to first organize then resume activities which we had been unable to have for 8, close to 9 months. And this past Sunday, August 29, we resumed activities following the directives of the Ministry of Justice. We had our activities, went home. As per health guidelines, upon arriving, I bathed and was visited by two officials dressed in uniform and one wearing civilian clothes. They took me; they had me in the local neighborhood unit for three hours. Then, I asked what was going on. Why were they holding me there for such a long time? They told me they were waiting for a car to drive me to another unit in the city. Well, I asked them what the charges were. They told me it was because of the service. I had held it without authorization. I showed them the document from the Ministry of Justice. They said they were not aware of the pronouncement. They took me to the city, and they filed charges. I showed them the document. They said they were not aware of it. They said they are going to investigate. But, since they say they are going to investigate because I showed them the document from the Ministry of justice, I left the document with them so they can corroborate the pronouncement of the Ministry of Justice approving the opening. During the process, they filed charges against me. Monday, they brought me to confirm whether they would proceed with the charges against me. Monday, I appeared before them. Today, Wednesday, I appeared before them. Today, they confirmed that the proceedings against me would continue, and that I need to seek counsel because I am going to trial. The funny thing about this is that, today, while they were detaining me and telling me that they were proceeding with the charges against me for conducting a worship service which was not approved yet, the Ministry of Justice in Santiago de Cuba made a pronouncement, today, containing the same [information] as the document I showed the police. In other words, The Ministry of Justice made a pronouncement, today, in Santiago, telling churches in Cuba, in Santiago, that they can open their chapels. That came out today, in the morning.”

Marian, “Clearly, the whole point of this is that freedom of speech is completely controlled and freedom of worship, also. But also, the Concilio de Iglesias de Cuba (Cuban Council of Churches) has somehow joined in cleaning the image of Díaz Canel after what happened July 11. You who have just arrived, Pastor, is this true or not”?

Pastor Demetrio, “It is true. The Cuban Church has always had a voice, first for God and then to call multitudes. They, in a plan to silence leaders and to be able to jail leaders, they have begun arresting prominent leaders on the Island, including pastors because we also have the case of Lorenzo Rosales, the pastor from Palma Soriano, who is currently in jail in a maximum-security prison known as Boniato in Santiago de Cuba. Yesterday, while communicating with Pastor Alain Toledano, we were informed that they were going to begin psychiatric treatment because his health status is depressing. He has been in prison since July 11 simply for accompanying his church’s congregation during the day of the demonstrations.”

Marian, “Do you think this is only against the Evangelical church which is growing by leaps and bounds in Latin America? Do you think this is to target you or other religions as well? The Yoruba religion, for example”?

Pastor Demetrio, “The Yoruba religion, the Masons. They did not want to be part of the charade. And they refused to go to the meeting Díaz Canel called and most of the Evangelical churches did not attend in their totality. They have withdrawn from the Cuban Council of Churches which is a Communist council, not only because they do not provide a law allowing for assembly of various religions but because they have maintained their religion which is Communism for 62 years.”

Marian interrupts, “This is not a religion. This is pure Satanism.”

Pastor Demetrio, “And they have attacked Catholics. We have examples of Catholic priests against whom they have been violent. Father Castor from Camagüey was beaten over the head with a bat. They arrested him, and he was unable to attend a meeting because they did not let him leave the country.”

Marian, “Let’s listen, in this case, to another expert, Mario Félix Lleonart. He is Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Waldorf [a community in Maryland, about 20 miles from Washington D.C.]. He founded the Instituto Patmos (Patmos Institute) in 2013 for the purpose of monitoring the supposed religious freedoms.”

Marian, “Thank you very much Pastor for joining us today. How do you see the situation”?

Marian, “We don’t hear you Pastor. Now we do.”

Pastor Lleonart, “Thank you very much for having me, too. Greetings to my brothers, Alain Toledano in Santiago de Cuba and to Demetrio, also. In Cuba, in 2013, I still lived in Cuba in 2013, we founded the Instituto Patmos for the purpose of monitoring the behavior of those liberties and everything ended in my having to leave five years ago as a refugee due to the religious persecution towards me, my family and my ministry. From here, we continue to work. I’m still in contact with Alain Toledano in Santiago de Cuba, along with Demetrio and many other pastors, and for Pastor Rosales, as Demetrio was explaining, and for Pastor Ibrahim Figueredo of Güira de Melena, also, who has been in prison since June 10. He is in prison at the Prison of Taco in Pinar del Río together with a Catholic lay man who was arrested July 11. So, the repression is on the increase. It goes against faith because everything that has to do with faith is something that clashes with totalitarianism in Cuba.”

Marian, “Now, I would like to ask all three of you. I don’t know who wants to answer. We have always heard that for Marxism obviously religion is the opiate of the people, no matter what religion it may be, and obviously they do not want to have the people distracted under God or under any paternal image other than the state. And that state which does not carry out the functions of a state but [instead] conducts the function of repression, narco-repressive function of the state. But in this case, this specific case, we have seen that you have also suffered physical harassment, your temples have been burned, you have been persecuted, you have had criminal charges filed against you. How far do you think they want to go with this”?

Demetrio, “We believe wholeheartedly that the world is becoming aware of the Communist regime’s actions against the Church. And we have asked the United Nations’ rapporteurs and all people throughout the world to show their support for us, for all the religious institutions in Cuba, and to demand that the government cease the violence. Currently, I am being threatened, I and various pastors who are attending a religious event here, and among them Catholic priests also, we are being threatened that upon our return to Cuba and to our homes, they will imprison us for having attended this event which is totally religious. It has not been a political event at all. And they use that threat to have people dissent or keep quiet because they know the people are behind us. We are not persecuted by the people. The people, the seniors, the poor people that we help, on the contrary, they care for us, they back us up. And they do want the Church. They do want religion.”

Marian, “Let’s pause for a moment. But let’s return and look at the functions that you are conducting, the functions that the repressive government is not carrying out. So, before continuing to talk wit our guests, I would like to listen to some words of the nefarious Díaz Canel from August 24 when he precisely addressed this topic.”

Díaz Canel “… of many feelings, of many emotions, which defend from the spiritual the betterment of the human being, and that is absolutely true and that coincides with all of our ideas, and I think it is a path that we need to continue working on, cultivating. We also are a part of the conviction that we can have a better country that the revolutionary work can be perfected, that we can perfect socialism.”

Marian, “Well, it is difficult to listen to the devil speak of spirituality. But we will have to get used to seeing that image and to talk about that. There is a topic, the Council of Cuban Churches. And he says we are still on the line until they cut our communication with Cuba with Pastor Toledano. I would like to speak to him about this topic because he made some declarations that this Council does not support other religions, in this instance Christianity, turns its back on Christianity and instead supports the regime. Is that so”?

Pastor Toledano, The Council of Churches does not represent the church in Cuba. It is an organism that responds to the needs of the government. The real church in Cuba is the one that is a church from beyond the grave, the church that is persecuted, the church that is supposedly not legal because they will not allow it to register. That is the real church in Cuba, the one that suffers, the one that is persecuted but the Council of Churches does not represent the church in Cuba at all.”

Marian, “Well, I want to, in this case we were saying, before going to the break, that on many occasions, very many, especially now, these churches, and above all, the rebirth of these Christian churches that have increased and that every day have more members are doing social work that not even the State does. For example, regarding the dining rooms. Now, after Covid 19, they have taken up work to help the neediest communities. Tell us a little bit about that because you too are in Cuba. You are here simply for a few days and can talk to us as an eyewitness.”

Pastor Demetrio, “The Church, socially, is a part of society. We as pastors must be on the side of the people. And, we have always been concerned about the Cuban people. We have been concerned about the lack of food, the lack of medications.”

Marian, “But the priest among the people, the pastor, because unfortunately, I have to radically drastic and express that those gentlemen occupying those high positions near Saint Peter have not opened their mouths since the events in July, and I am referring to the Holy Father, for example.”

Pastor Demetrio, “Yes, but we have no connection to the Pope. The Evangelical church is a Church that is part of the people, in fact, the Church is nourished by the people and the people are nourished by the Church. Then, reached an agreement to start opening dining rooms to start feeding the elderly and the destitute because the situation is critical. These people are dying of hunger. If the Church does not take a position on social charity…”

Marian, “There we have images of your organization and the work that you do there”

Pastor Demetrio, “This is a picture of the Sierra Maestra. We always took over 600 lbs. of food and medicine to be distributed to the poor, the elderly, the believers, and non-believers because the Church is part of society.”

Marian, “I am looking at these pictures because it is known that months ago humanitarian aid was sent to the Island, and, in the end, the government decided that it would not be distributed to the Evangelical churches who were [supposed to be] the recipients of the aid.”

Pastor Demetrio,” Yes, I was part of the[intended] recipients. And they stole the aid. There are no other words. They stole those containers that never reached the hands of the Church so the Church could distribute it and the Church could [not] be a part of civil society, and part of the people, and be able to help the needy.”

Marian, “I would like to ask you a question because the two of you reside in Cuba and can obviously help us a bit more. After July 11, the spirit and echoes of liberty started to sound not only on the Island but also outside of Cuba. They went beyond the shores. There are some that say these voices have quieted down some. But you are in contact with the youth, in contact with the people. What are your feelings regarding this matter?”

Pastor Demetrio, “Well, I don’t think the people have become silent. Once a people have come in contact with freedom, even if it is not total freedom, they have already learned that aspect of being able to speak the truth, to demonstrate and to demand what they need. Wholeheartedly that was a before and an after.”

Marian, “How did you experience those demonstrations”?

Pastor Demetrio, “In my case, I was not permitted to leave my house. The Chief of State Security called me; he placed two agents at my door and told me that I could not go out. We were not allowed to go out.”

Marian,” Wow! We are going to a break. We will return momentarily with much more, here at EL Espejo.”

Marian, “I would like to offer the remaining time, as usual, to my guests; and I would like to start with Pastor Toledano. Pastor, I have only 45 seconds for you.”

Pastor Toledano, “Yes, you were saying.”

Marian, “Pastor, I would like you to offer your thoughts. You have 45 seconds to give us a message.”

Pastor Toledano, “Well, hope is still alive in the heart of the Cuban people. It is more alive today than ever. And, the beatings, the repression, the ill treatment, the abuses, the prisons, the threats, cannot put out the fire. So, today is the day in which we should lift our voices to reclaim liberty because the hour has arrived. This is God’s time for Cuba and for each Cuban to attain what we have so much longed for, liberty.”

Marian, “Thank you so much, Pastor.”

Marian, “Mario Félix.”

Mario Félix, “the true Gospel is the one that liberates us of everything that oppresses and burdens. And, like what happened a bit more than 30years ago in Eastern Europe, just as was the case in Poland, where there was a rather catholic experience, or in the case of Romania where it was protestant, where they had a relevant role in the fall of communism. The same thing is happening in Cuba. We have had to wait for a delayed reaction after more than 30m years and the churches are going to play a role or are already playing an extremely relevant role”.

Demetrio, “I wholeheartedly believe that the time for Cuba has arrived. I, in this program, hold the government of Díaz Canel accountable if they imprison me upon my arrival on the Island. But the Lord is calling us because we want to be a part of Cuba’s freedpom. I want to be there to see my country be born again, and for all to pray to God. For the rebuilding of Cuba. And I know that the tyranny will soon abandon power. And God will once again govern our nation. God bless you.”

Marian, “I would like to comment on something, aren’t you afraid to return to Cuba? They have burned your church, they have taken away the dining room, they have burned the church you had built. Comment, as I have 30 seconds. But I can’t let you not tell us.”

Demetrio, “It is somewhat difficult, but that Fatherland needs us. And we must be there to stand beside the people. If I do not return, I would be a coward. I will return, and I will be by my people.”

Marian, “And, now it is my turn to tell you God bless you. What you are doing is spectacularly beautiful, and truly you have made me emotional with your words. I am very grateful that you have had the courtesy to dedicate the minutes of your time with us here. You are truly valiant and an extraordinary person for speaking the way you have, knowing that you must return to jaws of the wolf. Thank you.”

Demetrio, “Thank you.”

Marian, “And, thanks to all of you. We will see each other tomorrow.”

Declaración del Partido Unión por Cuba Libre, que tiene preso a su Coordinador General en Cuba (11J). Es uno de los líderes principales del Proyecto Emilia.

LETTER (Carta) - Unión por Cuba Libre (Union for a Free Cuba) - Proyecto Emilia (Project Emilia)

We would like to bring to public discourse the repugnance for and, at the same time, the vigorous denouncement of the abuses that the Castro regime has unleashed on the freedom fighters. Since the morning of July 11, 2021, Carlos Manuel Pupo Rodríguez, national coordinator for Unión por Cuba Libre [PUNCLI by its acronym in Spanish] (Union for a Free Cuba) and one of the principal leaders of the Proyecto Emilia ( Project Emilia) which is headed by Dr. Oscar Elías Biscet, was taken prisoner by the henchmen of the repressive police of the Ministry of the Interior of the Communist dictatorship of Cuba for expressing every human being’s right to ask for “FREEDOM. LONG LIVE HUMAN RIGHTS. DOWN WITH THE COMMUNST DICTATORSHIP” in San Antonio de los Baños where he resides. Carlos Manuel Pupo Rodríguez was taken prisoner in a violent manner and transferred to the torture dungeons of Cuatro Caminos, Guanajay, Province of Artemisa. He was later transferred to the prison Combinado del Este, and later, due to the beatings and tortures to which he was subjected, transferred to clínica Covadonga (Covadonga Clinic). Not satisfied by all of this, the Regime sent him to the Prison of Taco Taco, Pinar del Río, where the torture dungeon is filled with mosquitoes, gnats, and other insects, where he is a plantado [a Cuban political prisoner who is subjected to beatings, bayonetting, lack of medical attention and no family visits but still refuses the regime’s political rehabilitation program] in underwear being brutally tortured. While he was at the Combinado del Este [prison], his family was able to make a telephone call to inquire about his state of health. We must declare that this is not the first time the Regime intentionally and mercilessly hurts Carlos Manuel. A little over a year ago, the assassins and criminal henchmen of the dictatorship gave him four broken ribs from a terrible beating during another protest in San Antonio de los Baños, a city that has distinguished itself in the struggle to seek freedom in a non-violent manner. The headquarters of the Party for a Free Cuba [ PUNCLI] and Project Emilia [Proyecto Emilia] are located in this city. The undersigned members of PUNCLI and Project Emilia by these means express their energetic protest and ask all freedom lovers, all organizations throughout the world that fight for the dignity of every human being to join us in denouncing such unjust actions.

Roberto Azcuy - Miguel Hernández Falero - Balbino Echevarría - Yadaimy Z. Azcuy - Germán González - Miguel Sánchez - Fernando Martínez - Ángel V. Valdéz - José Galano - Servando Infante - Benito González - Arlette Capó

Declaración del Partido Unión por Cuba Libre, que tiene preso a su Coordinador General en Cuba (11J). Es uno de los líderes principales del Proyecto Emilia.

VIDEO US Senate approves providing free internet access to Cuban people

The reporter states, “Tuesday, the US Senate approves by oral vote amendment # 3097 to the resolution of the proposed budget of the Senate which requires the Biden administration to facilitate open, free and uncensored access to the internet to Cubans on the Island. Two Republican senators from Florida, Marco Rubio and Rick Scott, presented the amendment which proposes the creation of a neutral deficit reserve fund in the upcoming budget bill which will be used to develop and spread the existing technology on the Island”.

In the words of senator Rubio, “Today my colleagues sent a clear bipartisan message that the U.S. is committed to providing free, uncensored, unrestricted internet access to the people of Cuba. The technology exists to do this without delay”.

The reporter concludes, “And he urged the Biden administration to start moving forward immediately”.

Video Cuban Musicians Inside and Outside the Island

Not only has Patria y Vida [song titled Fatherland and Life] received thousands of views on You Tube, but it has also gotten international attention since it became a slogan for the protests that are being carried out in Cuba and throughout the world.

Thousands of Cubans have taken to the streets to demand freedom and the protest music has accompanied them.

The well-known Cuban rapper, El Aldeano, is among the musicians who have joined the Cuban people in their battle to put an end to the repression on the Island.

Musical producer, Emilio Estefan composed and produced the song Libertad just at the time the peaceful demonstrations took place. Estefan said, “They are the chiefs, not us, because they are battling but they must know they are not alone. And these images must be seen throughout the world. We have spoken to the President with so much going on. Changes are coming, and this is not the time to negotiate; this is the time to make a decision because the Cuban people have spoken”.

Libertad tries to portray the story of sorrow and suffering of every Cuban who has been forced to live under the shadow of totalitarianism for more than 6 decades.

[One can hear the refrain of a song titled Todo por ti (All for You)]

Cuban singers Daymé Arocena and Pavel Urquiza get together in this song Todo por ti (All for You).

On their end, Cuban rappers Osvaldo Navarro, Navy Pro, Davie E. Omni, Soundri HDC y Raudel Escuadrón released the song SOS Cuba. They got their inspiration from the protests that took place this past July 11.

Reported by Roxana Romero Radio Televisión Martí

VIDEO A team of 23 Miami lawyers is assisting individuals arrested in Cuba.

A Team of 23 activist lawyers here in Miami will be providing legal assistance to those detained due to the July 11 rebellion in Cuba.

Rolando Nápoles reports, “Yes, truly it is about the largest team of acitivist-lawyers in exile that has offered support to those arrested during the rebellion on the Island and for their cases to be presented before international entities”.

Agustin García, coordinator of the legal movement, explains, “We are afraid for so many young people. I have been informed that the average age is 25. They can be made to disappear easily. There is no one to cry for them. Some of them do not even have family here [United States]. Then, it is our duty to maintain their faces, presence and essence before the people of the world”.

Rolando Nápoles reports,” Twenty- three lawyers, the largest group of exiled lawyers in the past few years here in Miami is working with the Movimiento Democracia (Democracy Movement) to offer legal support those arrested during the July 11 rebellion in Cuba and to denounce their cases before international legal bodies”.

Ramón Saúl Sánchez, leader of the Movimiento Democracia (Democracy Movement) explains, “The lawyers are carrying out a strategy which includes having those arrested or their families to seek legal remedies before the system, even though we know the results will not be satisfactory. This will serve as a basis for legal remedies to be sought from the international community and for the purpose of statistics that will be accusatory against the regime”.

Rolando Nápoles adds, “Each of these exiled lawyers is handling at least 5 cases of July 11 detainees in Cuba by processing the Habeas Corpus of each detainee and the presentation of documents pertinent to their cases before the international legal organisms”.

Nicolas Gutiérrez explains, “We are trying to seek any means possible: seeking more sanctions from the United States, shutting down an escape valve and in Spain judicially, exposing the relatives of the members of the regime who operate in this country [ United States], isolating corporations like Meliá that are sadly taking advantage of the situation inside the Island”.

Rolando Nápoles continues his report, “Attorney Santiago Alpizar is working through his organization Cubademanda (Cuba Demands) has called all Cubans to use the legal tools of the government itself and to write demanding the resignation of dictator Díaz Canel at this time in which he has acknowledged that Cuba is at the brink of running out of hospital beds, resources, medications and oxygen to control the pandemic”.

Attorney Alpizar, director of Cubademanda (Cuba Demands), comments, “Because he is an inadequate individual to continue governing the country and should call for a government of national integrity formed by a group that includes civic activists in Cuba and also with the participation of the exile community to immediately open the ports and airports of Cuba to massive humanitarian aid”.

Rolando Nápoles continues, “Rowland Castillo is a 17 -year-old. He is one of the Cubans who are imprisoned for participating in the protests in Havana. Today, via a telephone call to the Movimiento Democracia (Democracy Movement) and the legal team in Miami, his mother denounces the conditions of the arrest of this minor in Cuba”.

Rowland’s mother states, “They called me to tell me that the boy was being detained there. When I arrived there, I was told to bring a photo. I asked why he was arrested, and they told me he was charged with disturbance of the peace, offence and damage”.

Rolando Nápoles adds, “On its end, the Movimiento Democracia (Democracy Movement) today, announced, in Miami, the preparation of a contingency plan for humanitarian aid for Cuba in case what he refers to as the final implosion of the government on the Island occurs”.

Ramón Saúl Sánchez states, “Definitely, to take into considerations such things as the humanitarian aid that should be sent from here [ Miami] on ships, airplanes; communication with Cuba, emergency medication, generators for hospitals”.

Rolando Nápoles concludes, “By the way, the Movimiento Democracia (Democracy Movement) and this group of lawyers here in exile are receiving the denouncements of the arrests made in Cuba this past July at Rolando Nápoles AméricaNoticias”.

Video They shot him, and the people of Cárdenas responded with rocks.

The narrator explains, “This is another one of the places. Someone was shot here already, a bullet to the leg [a sigh is heard]. Look, they are preparing rocks. Cárdenas [city where this is happening] is not easy! Look at the blood. Look at the blood. Look, rocks to the balconies. Here they come. Here they come, with shields and sticks. And they are shooting! Look, now all hell broke loose! All hell! Listen to the shots. They are shooting at people! Assassin! Look, they are also shooting! They are shooting! These are the people of Cárdenas. [ The narrator screams at agents] Hey, these are your people! These are your people! Sons of b…s! These are your people! Look at your people. These are the people of Cárdenas! Look! Look at how they shoot! Look! Look, those who said Cárdenas was dead. Look at the Cuban people, those who said it was dead! Look, this is the youth of Cuba! This is the Cuban youth!

Video In San Miguel, Habana, Cuban people scream joins us Fatherland and Life.

A voice can be heard shouting expletives, and chants of Fatherland and Life. Voices chanting, Join Us. San Miguel here we are.

Video They paint Liberty, Fatherland and Life on the street and march throughout the town.

Man holding Cuban flag is saying that the authorities are looking for a leader so they can make an example of him. He mentions the need for unity between people and police. People chant liberty. The man continues to say that no one in the group is aggressive. He says that everyone knows they are surrounded by people who pretend to support them. He repeats that no one there is a leader and what what they are all doing is suffering. A voice from the crowd interrupts to scream that no one is being paid. After loud honking and clapping, the man holding the flag states they are peaceful and reminds crowd not to fight. He says, “Do not stop filming”. He tells the crowd that if the police come, he will support the crowd. He reminds the crowd to not fight anyone. He tells the crowd, “We are free. Let them beat you. That is their problem. We are peaceful. We are just suffering and dying”. He continues speaking, “Let’s all march around the town once. Screams, screams, and let’s go”!

Video In the streets of Holguín, Cuba

“We are not afraid”! can be heard amidst the honking and clapping. Also, the crowd chants, “The people united will never be defeated”! Later there is a shout, “Down with Díaz Canel”! Afterwards, one can hear shouts, “Long live a free Cuba”! At the end, the crowd breaks into a chant of “A change of government”!

Video July 11 Demonstrator in hiding asks for support for Cuban people.

A Cuban woman identifies herself as Lisandra Góngora Espinosa and narrates her story. “I belong to the PRC (Partido Republicano por Cuba) [Republican Party for Cuba]. I am a mother of 5 and Cuban dissident. I am denouncing this. I am from the Municipality of Güira de Melena. I am currently in hiding because Sunday, July 11, there was a demonstration in the town where the entire town, over 3,000 individuals took to the streets to demand freedom. That was terrific, we, the people, went to the Party and chanted liberty, liberty, liberty. They tried to beat us. The people got upset. Then we 3,000 plus individuals went to the front of the police. We demanded freedom and asked that he leave. But they threatened, like they wanted to beat us. They walked towards us with their batons. Then, the people became infuriated and said they were going to the stores. They went to the MLC (by its acronym in Spanish) stores. They said they were going to break into the stores because that is where the food that had been sent as aid to the people was stored while the people were starving and being sold the goods in a currency that we do not have, which we are not paid, and the earnings are not sufficient. Hunger, misery, lack of medications, calamities, and power outages. Then, everyone walked to the stores. Those in front of the stores threw stones at the glass. They removed the iron bars. The glass filled with air and all of us who were there got cut. Look [ she shows deep cu in her thigh]. I have bruises. When we were there, two trucks with avispas negras (black wasps) [ groups used to repress the people]. They were furious when they came out of the trucks. They started beating us and spraying us. From there I had to flee to the woods because I am a dissident and knew they were going to come for me. From there I fled to the woods. Since that day, I have been on the run. I am fleeing. I have 5 children. They are with their father. I am alone, drifting. I have wandered through the woods looking for a place. So, I can be taken care of until I see what is going to happen. Right now, I am a political prisoner. This is happening for real. The people have rebelled. Please we need you to help us, to offer for support. I have five children. I’m dying to go back to my children. I cannot return to my children, with a broken heart, I cannot return. My house is surrounded as if I were a delinquent. They have the delinquents, the butchers working for them. In the meantime, the people demanding liberty are being watched as if we were delinquents. We are pleading for support, help us. Please do something for us so I can return to my children. I would like to return to where my children are; I have not murdered anyone. We only took to the streets to demand the freedom we do not have; to demand food, medications, to ask for an S.O.S for Cuba. That is what we need. Please, please support us. That is what we need. We need to return to our homes. We are all fleeing. We need to return to our homes, to my home which is surrounded by police. My children’s dad cannot even go to get food for them. The house is surrounded by police. They are alone there. Please, please. This is real. Cuba needs you.

Video Cuban mother denounces son’s beating and arrest.

A Cuban woman states, “I am the mother of Yami. They took him from my home. They beat him. I don’t see him. He has been at the Combinado [name of a prison] for almost a month. I have not been able to see him. They took him unfairly. He did not throw rocks. He did not do anything. I have not been able to see him. They have not told me why they took him. They took him from my home while he was sleeping next to his wife and I year old son. I am dying to see him and have not been able to see him. I have no news about my son. They have beaten him and done to him whatever they please. They will not give any information and asked me to bring a sack, a sack of what? I do not have money to get them a sack of anything.

VIDEO Whoever says Cubans are a free people

Minor, Christopher Lleonart Santana, 14, being held at Recluido Centro de Formación Integral, (Prison Center for Comprehensive Formation) [prison for minors] for protesting July 11.
Minor, Christopher Lleonart Santana, 14, being held at Recluido Centro de Formación Integral, (Prison Center for Comprehensive Formation) [prison for minors] for protesting July 11.

Words from Juan Manuel Cao and Marian

Congressman Mario Díaz Balart “President Biden by his actions sides with the Castro dictatorship”.

My Declarations

Luis Almagro of the OAS: The dictatorship in Cuba has failed.


Pastors Missing and sequestered by the government
Pastors Missing and sequestered by the government